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Universal analyser PLA33E DL

multifunction network analyser for accurate measurement of three and single phase parameter of LV and HV grids in useful DIN rail mounting design. High sampling rate assures high preciseness of measurement. Together with wide number of I/O, logging memory and RS485 and Ethernet communication interface gives PLA33RX E DL numerous usage.

  • supply 85 ... 250 VAC/DC or 24 ... 60 VAC/DC
  • sampling 25.6 kHz (50Hz) / 30.72 kHz (60Hz)
  • LAN, RS485, Profibus
  • Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU over TCP, HTTPS,
    SNTP, MQTT, DHCP client
  • external temperature sensor
  • 3 x relay O, 4 x digital I/O
  • 1 x analogue output 4 - 20 mA
  • measurement according IEC 61000-4-30 ed 3.
  • measuring range of voltage 10 ... 1000 V L-L
  • harmonics of U-LN, U-LL and I up to 40th order
  • Max, Min, AVG values
  • energy counter with 4 tariffs
  • supply voltage power cuts logging
  • MQTT
  • graphic configuration of alarm outputs on PC
  • built-in light PLC feature
  • on board logging Flash memory 1 GB
  • DIN rail design 6 modules
  • built in web server
  • SW for configuration and monitoring
  • iOS, Android app for remote monitoring


PLA33RX E DL is an universal measuring instrument with high accuracy class, great sampling rate 25.6 kHz (50 Hz), various input / output combinations and other features. Instrument is designed for measuring of electrical parameters in low voltage and high voltage grids for 2, 3, 4 line and TN, TT grids. PLA33RX E DL can be as optionally equipped by 1GB Flash on-board memory to behave as a measured data logger with possibility of logged data download via RS485 interface. Communication interface use Modbus RTU protocol and as an optional variant it is possible to have PLA33RX E DL with Profibus communication interface.

Flash memory

Variant M of an instrument has 1 GB ob board flash memory for recording measured parameters that can be processed by software PMS or any other SW or SCADA SW. Data stored in on board flash memory can be read by standard Modbus functions for easy implementation.

Inputs / Outputs

Instrument can be, according to the variant, equipped by 4 x digital fully programmable inputs / outputs, 3 x relay outputs 3A/250VAC. PLA33RX E DL can also have analogue output 4 – 20 mA.

Power Grid Monitor App

Power Grid Monitor is a mobile application available for Android and iOS operating systems that allows access to online grid analyzer data anywhere in the world. This application communicates with the company server, which only serves as an intermediary between the network analyzer and the application itself. All data is stored in the network analyzer. To access online data from a personal computer or device with a different operating system, you can use the web interface of the Power Grid Monitor application, which is available through any web browser at www.pgm.bmr.cz.

Measured parameters

Parameter L1 L2 L3 L1-2 L2-3 L3-1 ∑L1-L3 Max Min Avg Range Display Accuracy
phase voltage         10...600 V 0…1 MV 0.2%
line voltage         18...1000 V 0...1 MV 0.2%
system frequency             40...70 Hz 40...70 Hz 10 mHz
current       0.001...8.5 A 0...1 MA 0.2%
cosΦ       0.01L...0.01C 0.01L...0.01C 1%
power factor       0.01L...0.01C 0.01L...0.01C 1%
THDU L-N         0...999% 0...999% 5%
THDU L-L         0...999% 0...999% 5%
THDI         0...999% 0...999% 5%
TDD         0...999% 0...999% 5%
U harmonics     0...999% 0...999% class 1
I harmonics           0...999% 0...999% class 1
U asymmetry             0...100% 0...100% 0.3%
I asymmetry                 0.5%
active power       0...15.3 kW 0...9999 GW 0.4%
reactive power       0...15.3 kvar 0...9999 Gvar 0.4%
apparent power       0...15.3 kVA 0...9999 GVA 0.4%
distortion power           0.5%
active energy +/-                   0...9999 GWh 0...9999 GWh class 1
reactive L energy +/-                   0...9999 Gvarh 0...9999 Gvarh class 2
reactive C energy +/-                   0...9999 Gvarh 0...9999 Gvarh class 2
temperature                     -40...+125°C   1°C

Technical features

Parameter Value
auxiliary supply voltage 85 .. 250 VAC/DC or 24 .. 60 VAC/DC
system frequency 50 Hz or 60 Hz
self consumption 1.5 VA
sampling frequency 50/60Hz 25.60 kHz / 30.72 kHz
MTU ratio 1 ... 1500
MCT ratio 1 ... 1500
max number of logged auxiliary supply power cuts 20
logging memory for measured parameters 1GB
comunication interface RS485 galvanic insulated, PROFIBUS
comunication protocol MODBUS RTU, PROFIBUS DP-V0
device category 600V CAT III
number of I/O 3 x relay O 3A/250VAC, 4 x digital I/O, 4-20mA
type of digital outputs open collector, optical insulated (S0)
max voltage of digital outputs 24 VDC
max current of digital outputs 100 mA
type of inputs optically insulated
max voltage of digital inputs 24 VDC
max current of digital inputs 10 mA
weight 350 g
protection degree IP20 rear side / IP54 front panel


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