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Impulse PF controller ICR12

Impulse power factor controller ICR is designed for usage in applications where load variation between working times is too high to be measured by measuring current transformer. ICR controller is also solution for unbalanced systems where there is possibility to take energy impulses directly from utility static energy meter. Typical application for ICR controller is PFC for photo-voltaic power plants.

  • 4 quadrant measurement and regulation
  • 4 impulse inputs (+P, -P, +Q, -Q)
  • APFR regulation method
  • independent alarm output
  • adjustable averaging period of APFR
  • OLED graphic display
  • temperature sensor for ventilator control
  • tariff input
  • ready for de-compensation PFC
  • built-in auxiliary supply 12 V DC
  • operations and working hour counter
  • RS485 interface with Modbus RTU protocol


Controller ICR is reading, directly or via optical separation unit, pulses from static energy meter. Base on the pulse weight and time distance between particular pulses, controller calculates active and reactive powers. At low signal frequency of measuring pulses, controller corrects power values depending on running time.

Smart decompensation system

ICR controller is solution for decompensation of capacitive loads such as photovoltaic power plants or system with long cables. Controller is tuning decompensation reactor by capacitor steps in order to obtain the needed reactive inductive power for capacitive load decompensation. It brings easier and cheaper PFC construction by using only one decompensation reactor.

Internal power supply

Controller has builtin 12 V DC power supply for supplying the energy meter pulse outputs. Internal power supply is fully metallically separated from the controller.

OLED display

Bright and fully graphic OLED display gives another dimension to power factor controller. It provides monitoring features to give easy understanding overview about the system situation.

Technical features

Parameter Value
supply voltage 230 V AC 50 Hz (+10%,-15%)
system frequency 50/60 Hz
maximum pulse frequency 10 Hz
minimum pulse length 50 ms
self consumption 10 VA
number of regulated outputs 12
alarm output 250 VAC / 5 A
output contacts load 250 VAC / 5 A
range of regulated PF 0.8 ind. ... 0.8 cap.
reconnection delay contactor steps 5 ... 900 s
disconnection delay for contactor steps 5 ... 900 s
capacitor step settings manually
ambient temperature -25°C ... +70°C
front panel 144 x 144 mm
panel cutout 138 x 138 mm
side depth 55 mm
weight 1.5 kg
protection degree
IP20 rear side / IP54 frontdní panel


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