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Double thermostat DTR01

DTR01 keeps independently for both channels set reference temperature with hysteresis 2°C. The relay has two normally open output contacts 16 A. Double thermostat DTR01 is supplied together with two NTC 3k3 sensors with the 3 m cable length.

  • two independent channels for temperature measurement
  • fix hysteresis 2°C
  • measuring temperature range -25°C ... 95°C
  • self test of connected temperature sensors
  • small dimension 1-DIN rail module
  • relay status LED signalization
If the set temperature value T is not reached, output relay R is closed. When requested set temperature is reached, relay R is disconnected. Reconnection of relay R is made at the moment of measured value decline under the set level T minus hysteresis 2°C. Hysteresis eliminates relay bouncing at boundary values of temperature. Each channel is totally independent.

Technical features

Parameter Value
auxiliary supply voltage 89 ... 264 VAC
measuring temperature range -25°C ... 109°C
type of sensor BMR RT_P, NTC 3k3
self consumption max. 1.5 VA
number and type of contacts 1x NO per channel
nominal current of output contact 16 A
switching power max. AC 2000 VA
trigger current 30 A
nominal / max switching voltage 250 VAC / 440 VAC
mechanical lifetime 3 x 106
electrical lifetime 1 x 104 250 VAC, 8A
ambient working temperature -20 ... +55 °C
working position any
mounting IEC 60715 (DIN 35)
protection degree IP 20
I/O insulation 4 kV
maximum input wire diameter max. 2 x 1.5 mm2; 1 x 2.5 mm2
weight 85 g
dimensions 90 x 18 x 65 mm
related norms IEC 60255-1


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