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Thyristor switching modules CTU03 & CTU03

Thyristor switching modules CTU03 and CTU33 are designed for dynamic and hybrid PFC based on three-phase capacitors. CTU03 modules have special semiconductor switcher in each phase. Together with controllers FCR and GCR range they can reach the best possible speed of reconnection up to 25 operations per 1 second. Special construction of the module solves voltage discharging problem so the three-phase capacitor can be switched again immediately after disconnection without prior discharging. Switching is realized within 10 ms from receiving the signal from PF controller.

  • designed for single-phase capacitors
  • switching element in each phase
  • max power of 1-phase capacitor up to 42 kvar (3-phase total 126 kvar)
  • overheating protection by controller forced ventilation
  • switching speed up to 25 operations in 1 s
  • control voltage 24 VDC or 230 VAC
  • operation status signalization
  • ready for dynamic and hybrid PFC


Thyristor switching modules CTU are constructed for switching of LC circuits with prevailing capacitive part (detuned compensation stages). Advantage of CTU modules comparing to the classic contactor switching of capacitor stages is immediate capacitor connection without its previous discharging. This is possible thanks to special construction which assures that capacitor is ready for another connection immediately after its previous disconnection. ctu fceSwitching of capacitor is realized at the moment when the difference between the capacitor voltage and system voltage before the switching element is equal to zero. From this feature comes another important advantage and this is significant current surges reduction. Current surges are causing disturbances which can affect proper running of electronic devices and can severely damage and even destroy them. Further more, lifetime of capacitors is increased, because only nominal current flows through the circuit. For the protection of power switching element against current peaks (di/dt) it is necessary to connect in the series with module also inrush inductor.


Technical features

Parameter Value
grid nominal voltage
400 VAC (+10%,-15%)
system frequency 50 / 60 Hz
auxiliary supply voltage 230 VAC 50 Hz / 2 VA
control signal voltage 24 VDC or 230 VAC
maximum power of 1-phase capacitor 42 kvar
maximum power of three 1-phase capacitors
126 kvar
self consumption of supporting circuit 0.24 VA
reverse blocking voltage 1600 V
temperature protection internal +80°C
type of load R, C, RLC
loss power max. 300 W
forced ventilation consumption 3 VA
ambient temperature range -20°C ... +45°C
protection degree


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