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Power Factor Controller GCR06 & GCR12

The power factor controllers GCR06 and GCR12 combine features and functions of the power factor controller and the multifunction monitoring instrument. Thanks to the graphic OLED (organic light emitting diode) display, all information is shown at the same time for a faster overview and easy understanding about the PFC and grid situation. GCR controllers are designed for LV and MV application as well as for dynamic (fast) and hybrid thyristor power factor compensations.

GCR06, GCR12
  • three regulation methods (APFR default)
  • ready for fast and hybrid thyristor compensation
  • monitoring of U, I, P, Q, S, cosφ, THDU, THDI, odd harm. of U and I till 19th
  • OLED graphic display
  • 6 or 12 regulated outputs
  • universal CT input ../1A and ../5A
  • internal temperature sensor
  • independet programmable alarm output
  • tariff activation by external input or current direction
  • regulation on average or instantaneous cosφ
  • automatic detection of measuring circuit
  • high sensitivity of current sensing (3 mA)
  • smart de-compensation PFC function
  • RS485 interface with Modbus RTU
  • panel mounting design 144 x 144 mm
  • SW Power Monitoring System


Device digitizes measured phase voltage and current in one phase. Then, from those values, parameters like: power factor, effective values of voltage and current, apparent power and reactive power, are calculated. With consideration of requested cosφ it calculated need compensation power. According to its size, regulator switches on or off appropriate capacitor stages.

Within the scope of each power level, regulator uses method of circle switching. All the time connects this stage at appropriate power level which was switched off for longest time. Everything is made so that regulator will reach optimal compensation in one regulation cycle with minimum number of switched stages.


Power factor controllers GCR06 and GCR12 have several alarms which are adjustable by level, min time of event, action on regulated steps etc. Special alarm from temperature is able to control forced ventilation of PFC and protect capacitor steps against higher temperature.

OLED graphic display

Fully graphic OLED display shows clearly all information about compensation status and measured values of system network. Text control menu, graphic representation of measured parameters and setting is easy for manipulation and understanding.


The controllers GCR06 and GCR12 have features for smart de-compensation with several reactor steps operating in a similar way as capacitor steps or only one reactor that is tuned by capacitor steps.


Thanks for software Power Monitor System is possible controllers with RS485 easily configured and also use for monitoring of PFC systems.

Technical features

Parameter Value
supply voltage 400 V AC 50 Hz (+10%, -20%)
measuring voltage range 400 V AC 50 Hz (+10%, -20%)
system frequency
50 / 60 Hz
measuring current range 0.003 ... 5.3 A
self consumption 10 VA
number of regulated outputs 6 or 12
alarm output 250 VAC / 5A
output contact load 250 VAC / 5A
range of regulated PF 0.8 ind. ... 0.8 cap.
reconnection delay: semiconductor / contactor steps 0s / 5 - 600 s
disconnection delay: semiconductor / contactor steps 0s / 5 - 600 s
capacitor step settings manually / automatically
ambient temperature -25°C ... +70°C
front panel 144 x 144 mm
panel cutout 138 x 138 mm
side depth 55 mm
weight 1.5 kg
protection degree
IP20 read side / IP54 front panel

Measurement accuracy

Parameter Value
voltage ±0.5% z Un
current 0.003 ... 6A, In = 6 A
current range 0.002 - 0.02 A accuracy: 0.0005 A
current range 0.02 - 0.5 A accuracy: 0.001 A
current range 0.5 - 6 A accuracy: 0.01 A
phase error for I > 3% In ±3° otherwise ±1°
THDU (U > 10% Un) ±5%
THDI (I > 10% In) ±5%


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