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Power Factor Correction

BMR produce complete range of power factor controllers for contactor stages, fast thyristor stages or hybrid compensation where part is based on thyristor stages and part on contactor stages. Controllers of FCR and GCR range are designed for regulation of standard cabinets with capacitor stages but they are also able regulate so called de-compensation cabinets based on reactor stages. For dynamic power factor correction there is a range of CTU thyristor modules for three-phase and single-phase capacitors.

APFR (Average Power Factor Regulation) is BMR technology for more precise and effective power factor correction. Thanks to APFR system, regulator uses lower number of switching operations to reach requested power factor and reduces to the zero any overcompensation. Together with the method of circular stage switching it prolongs working life of all compensation cabinet components.

PFC controllers


PFC thyristor switching modules


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