This range of current monitoring relays are used for the control of AC and DC current signal in various industrial and domestic applications. The measuring part of the instrument is metallically separated from the current connection terminals. The monitoring relays MRI range have one double-throw output contact up to 8 A.

Device variantAC currentDC currentCurrentTimerDirect measurement
MRI01T feature feature 0.1 ... 1 A feature feature
MRI05T feature feature 0.5 ... 5 A feature feature
MRI25T feature   2.5 ... 25 A feature feature
Measuring part is metallically separated from the current connection terminal. The relay has one output doublethrow contact 16 A.

Relay function

MRI function

If the set current level is exceeded, output relay will make connection. If the measured current level goes under the set level minus fix hysteresis 10%, output relay will disconnect. Hysteresis reduces relay bouncing at threshold limit of current values. Position OFF disables current measurement, output is closed and yellow LED is off. Contact no. 16 – 15 is closed.


Main features

  • Supply voltage 230 VAC
  • AC / DC current measurement
  • Industrial processor based design
  • Galvanic insulated measuring inputs
  • 1 changeover 16 A output contacts
  • Optical signalization
  • Small compact design