Power quality analysers are designed according to the norm EN 61000-4-30 class A with four voltage and current inputs for continuous measurement of electrical parameters in LV and MV systems for further power quality investigation. The PLA44 is built with a powerful RISC processor that provides sufficient processing capabilities for real-time measurement and calculation of all parameters and values.

Continuous sampling of the voltage and current inputs at 40 kHz, guarantees the highest accuracy. The PLA44 is the instrument for power quality monitoring according to EN 50160 of the incoming energy supply side as well as on the consumer side in order to find and analyse the root cause of network problems.


PLA44 offers USB, RS485, Ethernet interfaces with several communication protocols. Modbus (RTU, TCP, Gateway), TCP/IP, HTTP (web-server), FTP, TFTP, NTP (time synchronisation), SMTP (email notifications).

Harmonics measurement

PLA44 measures particular harmonics of U, I, P, Q up to 65th harmonics as well as group of harmonics and inter-harmonics of U and I in all 4 phases. THDU is measured for phase voltages and also for line voltages. THDI is measured for all 4 current inputs.

Ethernet - Modbus gatewaymodbusgateway

Thanks to build-in Modbus TCP/IP converter it is possible use PLA34 as an Ethernet - Modbus gateway for connection of instruments with RS485 interface and Modbus RTU protocols.


Full graphic TFT display with VGA (800 x 600 px) resolution. Useer friendly graphic menu with symbolic icons for easy orientation and operation. Realtime measurement waveform, harmonic charts, events and transients detail informations.

Web server

Device has embedded web server for remote monitoring of the PLA44 instrument over the Internet. To visit the real instrument web-server follow the link PLA44. Enter the user-name "admin" and password "1234" to access the instrument web server.


Main features

  • IT, TN, TT networks, 3 and 4 wire networks
  • 4 voltage and 4 current measurement inputs
  • continuous sampling of voltage and current inputs at 40 kHz
  • PQ EN 61000-4-30 class A instrument
  • harmonics and inter-harmonics EN 61000-4-7
  • short and long term flicker according the EN 61000-4-15 class A
  • detection of transients > 25 μs
  • detection of events > 10 ms
  • data logger, event and transient memory 1GB flash
  • NTP time synchronization
  • RS485, Ethernet, USB
  • Ethernet - Modbus gateway
  • accuracy of current / voltage 0.1%
  • 2 digital inputs / outputs
  • web-server and email notification