Signalization banners

Signalization banners for installation in various applications had been mainly designed for usage in underground parking and parking hauses as a optical signalization for gas detection. Compact and solid design gives to the banners long working life and reliability.

Back-light colour

Banners are using LED technology for back-light. LED strip with IP54 is installed inside the aluminium frame which assures excellent protection and heat dissipation for long working life. Back-light can be made in various colours according to the application needs. The colour and LED brightness is tuned with our designers to reach the best visibility of text and symbols illumination.

LED flasher

Banner can have inside the frame flasher unit with fixed pulse and pause on 0,5 s. Other times can be set on the request.

Supply voltage

Banners are designed for industrial supply voltage level 24 VDC. On the request there is also possibility to deliver the banners with supply voltage level 12 VDC or external power supply unit 230 VAC.

Mounting versatility


Custom made text and pictogram

banners example

power quality analyser PLA33

Main features

  • Internal flasher unit
  • Mounting versatility (wall, ceiling)
  • Custom made pictogram and text
  • Light and strong design
  • One or double sided
Home Products Signalization banners
Home Products Signalization banners