BMR trading offers wide range of reactors for various applications from LV to MV.

LV detuned reactors

comp reactorSeries of three-phase reactors for the protection of the compensation capacitor (power factor correction) with a nominal voltage from 3 x 440 V till 3 x 690 V, 50 Hz or 60 Hz manufactured in accordance with DIN EN 60 289 and EN 61 558-2-20, damping factor from 7% till 14%, 2 % inductance tolerance, IP00 degree of protection, insulation class F, maximum permissible ambient temperature of 40 °C.

Reactors for other voltages or powers, resonance frequency and linearity can be designed individually .

LV decompensation reactors

dec reactorDecompensation reactors are an inductive load, which eliminates undesirable capacitive power generated on the parasitic elements of the distribution system (eg HV cables with metal sheath, long lead-load, etc.). Reactors meet the requirements of EN 60 289 and EN 61 558-2-20 and are designed to supply 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz.

Reactors for other voltages or powers can be designed individually.

LV switching reactors JTC range

Switching reactorSpecial switching reactors for usage with thyristor switching modules CTU02 and CTU03 to limit current peak at the moment of capacitor connection. JTC reactors are offered in three sizez according to maximum nominal current. JTC20 - 20A, JTC85 - 85A and JTC110 - 110A.

MV switching reactors

3ph reactor 6kVSwitching air reactors for voltage level from 6 kV till 35 kV in three-phase design. Manufactured in various forms according to the client´s wish, arbitrary form of outlets, operational voltage of up to 35 kV, also in a special version.


Main features

  • LV detuned reactors for PFC
  • LV decompensation reactors
  • LV filtering reactors for harmonic filters
  • LV switching reactors
  • MV switching reactors
  • Individual design of reactors