GCR06 and GCR12

The power factor controllers GCR06 and GCR12 combine features and functions of the power factor controller and the multifunction monitoring instrument. Thanks to the graphic OLED (organic light emitting diode) display, all information is shown at the same time for a faster overview and easy understanding about the PFC and grid situation. GCR controllers are designed for LV and MV application as well as for dynamic (fast) and hybrid thyristor power factor compensations.

cascade gcr

Cascade operation

The two controllers in variant C can be connected together to expand the number of controlled steps or substitute for each other in a system with two main power supplies. Any one of the controllers can behave as a master or slave.


The controllers GCR06 and GCR12 have features for smart de-compensation with several reactor steps operating in a similar way as capacitor steps or only one reactor that is tuned by capacitor steps.

OLED graphic display

Fully graphic OLED display shows clearly all information about compensation status and measured values of system network. Text control menu, graphic representation of measured parameters and setting is easy for manipulation and understanding.

oled-1   oled-2   oled-3   oled-4

Adjustable APFR

For better adaptation of regulation method to wide range of applications and local power utility specification there is possibility to change half period of average power factor summation.

Optional 2nd tariff activation

Second tariff of requested cosφ can be activated by external signal or by current direction for application where consumption and distribution is present while distribution has defined different level of cosφ.



Main features

  • 4 quadrant measurement
  • monitoring of U, I, P, Q, S, cosφ, THDU, THDI, odd harmonics of U and I till 19th
  • three regulation methods (APFR default)
  • OLED graphic display
  • universal CT input ../1A and ../5A
  • cascade parallel operation of two controllers
  • internal temperature sensor
  • adjustable temperature for cabinet disconnection
  • tariff activation by external input or current direction
  • thyristor control speed up to 25 operations in 1 s
  • ready for fast and hybrid thyristor compensation
  • ready for applications with de-compensation reactors
  • independet programmable alarm output
  • memory for min. and max. values
  • RS485 interface with Modbus RTU
  • smart de-compensation PFC function