MRF1P is monitoring relay designed for network frequency control with adjustable maximum and minimum zone level.

Device has internal timers for delay at action and reconnection.

Relay MRF1P is equipped with one output double-throw contact 5 A.

Device functions

MRF01 fce
F1 - delay on operate

After supply voltage applying the green LED turns on. If measured frequency is in the set limits, reconnection timer (t2) is started. It is indicated by yellow LED short blinking. After passing the time t2 for reconnection, output relay will close and yellow LED turns on. If the frequency goes out of set limits, the time delay for fault condition (t1) will be timed. It is indicated by yellow LED short dimmed blinking. After passing the time t1 the output relay will open and yellow LED, in case that frequency is over the upper limit, is symmetrically blinking with period of 0,5 second. In case that frequency is under the lower limit yellow LED is off. Immediately after frequency returns back to the requested limit, reconnection timer will start and and after passing the time t2 output relay close and yellow LED turns on.


Main features

  • Voltage frequency monitoring
  • Two internal timers
  • Measuring frequency 40 ... 70 Hz
  • One output changeover contact 5 A
  • DFT (Discrete Fourier Transformation)
  • Digital optical operation status signalisation