Programmable room thermostats of VTM range are designed for room temperature control in systems heated by direct electric heater, under-floor electric heater, gas boiler, electric boiler or solid fuel boiler. Thermostat is designed for wall mounting installation in the standard installation box KU68. VTM thermostat is equipped by latching output relay 230 VAC / 16 A for heater control.

Device function

Regulation method is based on switching requested temperature between the set comfort temperature and savings temperature in defined time modes. Thermostat has predefined most often used time schedules in order to make installation and final commissioning user friendly and easy.

Predefined time modes

Thermostat has predefined time modes with requested comfort and savings temperature. These temperatures comes from most often settings and home schedule. Predefined values can be easily customised to fit user specific requirements.

Heating profile statistics

Thermostat records in to memory the heating usage (connection time of heating device) for actual day, previous day, week and total time from device installation.

Regulation modes

Air temperature measurement in the room (temperature sensor is built in the thermostat, floor sensor does not need to be connected) Floor temperature measurement (external floor sensor is connected to the thermostat) Air temperature measurement in the room with with maximum floor temperature control


Main features

  • Accurate measuring of real temperature
  • 4 or 6 temperature changes
  • Logic and easy user menu
  • Clear and sharp LCD display
  • Real-time clock and automatic time change
  • Button on/off
  • Memory backup
  • Keyboard lock
  • Children lock
  • Operation statistic