RT control system is designed for IRC heating control at direct electric systems with underfloor matting or foil, convectors or infra panels. System RT is based on the control unit and power unit.

Control unit keeps heating profiles for particular rooms, reads temperature from room sensors and sends requests to power unit to switch the heating element. One control unit is able control up to 16 (32) sensors with up to 32 independent heating profiles and shows the sensor temperature and other information. Heating profile can have up to 8 temperature changes per day and can be defined per day or week and assign for particular sensor (room). Control unit also offers the remote control by RS485 interface or web server (new control unit only).

Power unit gather information from analogue temperature sensors which are spoke wisely connected (star topology). Digital sensors are connected to power unit via three-wire bus as well as control unit. Both units create system which is able to control heating in up to 16 (32) independent circuits. Power switching is realized by semiconductor switches. Normally, by one channel, power up to 3 kW can be switched. On the request, it can be increased up to 5 kW.



IRC heating control system RT

Main features

  • IRC - independent room control system
  • Up to 32 heating circuits with possibility of enlarge
  • Internal web server in several languages
  • Ready for under-floor, ceiling and radiator heaters
  • Sensors in most popular designs