The portable power quality analyser's design is based on the PLA44 power quality analyser. This portable variant is also following the panel version the standard EN 61000-4-30 class A for measuring power quality in LV and MV systems. Four voltage and current inputs allow PLA44RGP to be used in various applications. Current inputs made for Rogowski coils make connections to the measuring point quickly and easily.

A plastic suitcase with an IP rating IP54 and high mechanical endurance make the PLA44RGP analyser able to take measurements in the harshest conditions of any kind of industry. An internal battery with a large capacity lets the PLA44RGP operates even with loss of power supply. The controlling board charges the battery automatically at presence of supply voltage.

Measured parameters

PLA44RGP measures the same parameters with the same accuracy as the PLA44 power quality analyser. By default the PLA44RGP does not measure temperature. On the request the temperature sensor can be optionally delivered.

Flash memory

The portable power quality analyser PLA44RGP has 1 GB of internal non-volatile FLASH memory for recording measured parameters, events, transients and energy values. The memory is working in FIFO mode so when the memory is full, the oldest data is written over with the newest. For an application when the 1 GB memory size is not enough, it is possible to request an instrument with a larger memory.

Internal clock backup

The internal clock is synchronized via NTP servers if there is an Internet connection. The clock shift is less than 1 second per day to assure precise events and transients time flag recording. Inside the instrument is a Lithium battery for real time clock backup with a designed working life of 10 years.

Software tools

The operation of the instrument, measuring circuits adjustment and measured data analysis is performed by the software tool called Power Monitoring Software. Communication between the PLA44RGP and Power Monitoring Software is achieved via a USB or Ethernet connection.

Operation on battery

The portable power quality analyser PLA44RGP has an internal Li-On battery which is automatically charged when the instrument is connected to an energy source. When using a battery with a capacity of 3.5 Ah, the PLA44RGP can fully work for 10 hours including the TFT display operation.


Main features

  • IT, TN, TT networks, 3 and 4-phase networks
  • 4 voltage and 4 current measurement inputs
  • EN 61000-4-30 class A instrument
  • harmonics and inter-harmonics EN 61000-4-7
  • flicker measurement EN 61000-4-15 class A
  • detection of transients > 25 μs
  • detection of events > 10 ms
  • harmonics analysis up to the 65th order
  • sampling frequency 40 kHz
  • NTP time synchronization
  • data logger, event and transient memory 1GB flash
  • Ethernet, USB
  • auxiliary supply voltage input 85 ÷ 265 VAC/DC
  • real-time clock backup for 10 years
  • battery 3.5 Ah for full operation for up to 10 hours
  • web-server, email notification