The power line analyser for accurate monitoring of main electrical parameters in three-phase or single-phase networks. The instrument measures continuous voltage and current according to the norm EN 61000-4-30. Thanks to precise measurement and a high sampling rate, it is also ideal for particular measuring points in electrical energy monitoring systems. The communication interface RS485 with Modbus RTU protocol predefine PLA33 can be used as a measuring point in SCADA systems.

Harmonics measurement

THDU and THDI are calculated from harmonics range up to 40th harmonics. Device measures and shows also particular odd harmonics of voltage and current up to 19th harmonics.

Energy meter

PLA33 has 6 internal energy meters for consumed and supply active, reactive inductive and reactive capacitive energy. Each energy meter can be linked to the digital output and provides information by pulses to another instruments such as peak demand controllers etc.


PLA33 has LCD display with white back-light. All values are identified by parameter name and real variables. Monitoring and setup menu is easy to understand thanks to logic shortcuts and symbolic names.

pla33dl25aDirect current measurement for PLA33DL

The PLA33DL (DIN rail version) instrument variant is available also as a modification for direct AC current measurement up to 25 A. It is an ideal and compact solution for monitoring small loads without the need for current transformer installation.

Flash memory for recorder parameters

Variants of the instruments PLA33CM and PLA33DLCM have 512MB flash memory for recording AVG values of up to 30 measured parameters. The memory recordings sampling period is user adjustable from 1 to 60 minutes as well as a list of parameters recorded into the memory.

Load profile memory

Analysers PLA33CM and PLA33DLCM have reserved space in their flash memory for recording; load profiles. All six energy counters are recorded in a user defined period. Load profile recording is active for periods of 15, 30 and 60 minutes.



Main features

  • TN, TT, IT (virtual resistor N) 3 phase networks
  • 3 voltage and 3 current measurement inputs
  • continual measurement of U and I
  • calculated current of neutral wire
  • sampling rate 128 samples (6.4 kHz)
  • real variables of measured parameters
  • accuracy of current and voltage 0.5%
  • THDU and THDI measurement
  • odd harmonics analysis up to the 19th order
  • 2 programmable digital inputs and outputs
  • bright LCD display with back-light
  • communication interface RS845 (Modbus RTU)
  • 512 MB flash memory for recordings
  • memory recording interval 1 ... 60 minutes
  • panel and DIN rail mounting variants