HM2006 controller regulates demand according to set maximal value of average hour demand in kW. This value is periodically compared with measured power demand during the quarter-hour and in the case of fast power demand increase over the defined neutral zone, controller starts to disconnect appropriate loads.

If the power demand decreases under the certain level and power demand reserve appears, controller starts to connect appropriate loads back to the system.

hm2006 function

Device shows, during quarter-hour period, calculation of the average hour power demand in kW according to the real power demand. After incoming of the pulse for the new quarter-hour beginning, this value is being erased. All disconnected loads will be connected back and new regulation cycle will start.

Maximum reached quarter-hour value of power, date and time of this event for every tariff separately are recorded into internal memory. Those maximal values are accessible on the device display. History of every power demand curve during quarter-hour is saved to the internal memory with capacity for 40 days of recording.

HM2006PC software

Software is used for monitoring, configuration and prediction of power demand profile. It is designed for installation under MS Windows Xp, Vista, 7 and 8. It is available in Czech and English localization.